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India is amongst the fastest growing economies in the world, yet it accounts for a third of the world’s illiteracy. Since it’s inception, the system of public education has been a source of hope to millions, yet today it is in need of urgent attention. Children in these schools come from the poorest of families. A survey in 2007 which was conducted across 16,000 villages, found that many children could not read, write or perform basic arithmetic.

There is an inextricable between Illiteracy, unemployment and poverty if we as a nation seek to embrace the promise of tomorrow, we must address the issue of illiteracy today. Teach For Change(TFC)is an initiative, headquartered in Hyderabad.

The objective of the initiative is to improve the overall literacy standards at Government schools. As part of the initiative, TFC’s dedicated volunteers teach Leadership Skills and the English Language, at primary and high school levels in Government schools.

The Teach For Change initiative is active in 100 government high schools in Hyderabad. Our success has been far reaching and now we seek to take this to the next level. We have brought together the passionate, dedicated, and committed leaders of government, industry, and media to support the initiative.

With your support, we seek to increase our efforts, for when it comes to our children, we will leave no stone unturned. For they are the hope of tomorrow.
Process of Becoming a volunteer
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